Digital Currency Foundation meets the chair of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

February 2015
Mihir Magudia meets with Adam Afriyie MP

Speaking at the meeting, Adam Afriyie said that there is so much that digital currency can do to help small businesses move money around the world. He was impressed that digital currencies are being used to solve global financial problems and that this is exactly what he thought more businesses should be doing. He added that we must make sure that UK regulation helps and does not hinder this industry which has so much potential.

Reflecting on the meeting, Mihir said; "I was delighted to meet Adam, he is a prominent UK politician who is keen to be a champion for digital currencies. He fully understands the potential of digital currencies to fundamentally change the way that the world does business. He specifically asked us to send him our ideas for how digital currencies should be regulated as he is keen to promote these ideas with the UK Treasury."

Digital Currency Foundation discusses UK Goverment plans to regulate digital currency industry

October 2016
Mihir Magudia meets with Craig Williams MP

On Thursday this week, Mihir Magudia, met with Craig Williams MP in the UK Houses of Parliament.

In addition to being a Member of the British Parliament, Craig Williams MP is the Parliamentary Private Secretary for the British Chief Secretary for the Treasury. Craig is an important part of the Chief Secretary’s team and was interested to hear about digital currencies and the potential of this revolutionary technology.

Mihir and Craig had a wide ranging discussion focused on digital currencies and blockchain technology and future British Government plans for regulating this industry.

Speaking after the meeting, Mihir Magudia said, "It was excellent to meet an MP who seemed convinced about the potential impact of digital currency on the way that business is done around the world."

Digital Currency Foundation discusses the future of digital currencies in the UK

October 2017
Mihir Magudia meets with Chi Onwurah MP and Lord Harris

Mihir Magudia, met with Parliamentarians in the UK Houses of Parliament to discuss the future of digital currencies in the UK. Mihir met with Chi Onwurah, vice-Chair of the All-Party Group on Financial Technology in the UK Parliament to discuss how digital currencies and Blockchain technology, can help people transfer money without being subject to needless bank charges. Chi will be asking some questions of the UK Government to help ensure that the UK has a helpful approach to digital currencies.

Mihir also met with Lord Harris of Haringey who is a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Internet and Communications. Mihir and Lord Harris discussed the future of digital currencies in the UK and how to regulate exchanges.

Both these meetings form part of the Foundation’s mission to educate and engage with Governments all over the world to discuss the future of digital currency and to ensure that the view of the Foundation is taken into account.

Digital Currency Foundation discusses regulation of digital currency markets with UK Parliamentarians

December 2017
Mihir Magudia meets with Chris Evans MP and Bill Esterson MP

Mihir Magudia of the Foundation continued the programme of engagement with UK politicians to help improve their understanding of digital currencies and the future of this exciting industry. Mihir met with Chris Evans MP and Bill Esterson MP where the new UK plans for regulation were discussed as well as the recent innovations in Blockchain technology. Both Members of Parliament were keen to learn more about this exciting new industry and seemed keen to keep working with the Foundation and to help promote this sector.

DCF formally launched at UK parliament event

16 January 2018
DCF launched at the inaugural National Digital Currency day

DCF was formally launched at an event held in the UK Houses of Parliament to launch the first ever National Digital Currency day.

Earlier in the day, Mihir Magudia, Managing Director was on the Jeremy Vine show, which has an average audience of 6.5 million listeners.

At the event in the afternoon, held at UK House of parliament, Mihir spoke about the new community funded organisation designed to inform people about digital currencies and advocate for them.